Senior K.G.

Senior K.G.

The G-Schools Senior programme emphasises on application of concepts learnt in Junior classes. The transition from Senior K.G. to Standard 1 is a crucial time of change for both children as well as their parents and needs special academic focus. This is time you will have to select you education board.

The G-Schools Senior K.G. curriculum is designed after years of research to ensures smooth transition to formal schooling catering any boards of education including CBSE, Gujarat Board and international boards like IB/IGCSE.

The senior programme of G-Schools aims at building vocabulary in language and mathematical skills. Students are also encouraged to increase their attention span that will enable them to easily adjust to formal schooling system and manage the load of extensive and exhaustive education requirements of standard 1.

In addition to age-appropriate activities in Kindergarten, which prepare a child for success in formal school; various other activities are conducted in the areas of language, numbers, general knowledge, music and art in a planned manner throughout the year.

Age Group: 4.5 years to 6.0 years
Senior KG

Key Areas

  • 4 hours of Daily Classes
  • Daily Subject Wise Classes
  • Math
  • English Sentence Building
  • Story Reading and Writing
  • Monthly Indoor and Outdoor Competition
  • Daily Subject Wise Classwork and Homework

Activities Involved

  • Half Yearly Assessment
  • Word Writing
  • Public Speaking and Stage Performance
  • Reading and Writing
  • Library Time
  • Music and Dance Performance
  • Etiquettes and Mannerism
  • Science Time
  • Creative Time
  • Celebration of Festivals and Special Days
  • Field Trips
  • Art and Drama
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